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Rap Duo OBP Presents New Hit Video Single "The Rundown"

The wait is over; OBP, the best-kept secret in underground rap, astounds fans with a brand-new, powerful video titled "The Rundown"

Tap into the new release music video "The Rundown," by one of the most underrated acts in the underground and indie sector, OBP. The two emcees spit lyrical verses over a mesmerizing vintage hip-hop beat in the most recent release. With style like no other, these two rappers are taking their careers to another level, showcasing some of the best music from their catalog, which they display in the latest video, "The Rundown." You are definitely in for an experience of a lifetime, as you witness the sounds of excellence provided by OBP.

Stay connected and stream the newest video, "The Rundown," on YouTube:

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