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Rapper 62 Legendd is On His Own Wave With New Album “Doer”

Rapper and influencer 62 Legendd is making waves with both his new album and his production company. “Doer” represents the artist’s musical talents as well as his brand that is changing the world.

“Doer” is an energetic album featuring the creative lyrical style of 62 Legendd. Fans of rap need to buy this hip masterpiece and put on their playlist. The songs represent the style of its record label and the edge of 62 Legendd.

MLK Musiq Group Inc is a Miami, FL based independent entertainment label. MLK, stands for Moving Like Kings a mantra created by Quentin Wright, President, and CEO of the company. MLK Musiq Group’s objectives are to develop talented artists in multi genres, provide immaculate music production, and giving back to the unprivileged in the community through our Great Deed Philanthropy program. MLK Musiq Group Inc represents every MLK street across America with pride to continue the dream of Martin Luther King.

62 Legendd began his rap career at an early age on the streets of Libert City. The artist saw what was happening him around, the darkness on MLK’s dream, and decided to bring light and attention to these problems with his raps. 62 Legendd has worked with music for 20 years, collaborating with other famous musicians in the industry. He released his first demo in 1998 and has been overcoming obstacles to produce the greatest music since then.

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