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Rapper "A10" Is Making a Statement With New Single Release

Rapper A10 is ready to make a statement with the release of his latest song. “Tired” is a rap anthem about overcoming what life throws at people.

“Tired” features raw beats with emotional lyrics by A10. The artist talks about the situations he has been through in life that have brought him down. The song relates to how tired A10 is of all problems and difficult times. A10 just wants to provide and support his kids throughout the struggle. Although the song seems dark, there is a note of defiance, saying he will overcome.

A10, aka TenTen, is a single dad with three kids, finding his way to make happen in the tough music game. A10 has been making music since the age of 7 and continues to progress more and more with every track he releases. A10 has been to California, Las Vegas, Texas, and Florida to work with some amazing people. The artist dedicated to his craft and kids, A10 never stops coming with different lyrics and styles as well as spending time with his kids. A10 has a show on August 27th at the Roxy Bar.

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