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Rapper La’pole DaDon will be the Next Big Thing with New Single ‘Now & Days’

As a rising artist in one of the toughest industries, La’pole DaDon understands what it’s going to take on his behalf for him to become a true rap legend.

The rap industry is well-known for being a very unforgiving and brutal sphere in music, especially for rising artists who are looking to develop their careers and make a name for themselves. The odds don’t frighten La’pole DaDon, an up-and-coming rap sensation, who has a very special passion towards rap music.

Currently, he is working on his music label called ‘BottomFamilyMafiaRecords’, and he is putting in the time, effort, and energy every single day to ensure that he is on the path to be hailed as one of the all-time greats in rap music.

La’pole DaDon has been making music since he was 9 years old. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, La’pole DaDon was gripped by the melodious lyricism of his favorite rappers, while also being gripped by the idea that music can be a cathartic experience.

His latest single, ‘Now&Days’, is available on Spotify and is causing him to slowly but surely burst to the scene with recognition. His imagery is unmatched, and his rap has a flow to it that is hardly seen from young rappers who are in the early stages of developing their careers. This is what makes La’pole DaDon stand out from the rest.

To find out more about La’pole DaDon’s music, check out his channel on YouTube, and make sure to follow him on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. For interviews, reviews, and collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.


La’pole DaDon is an emerging rapper, singer, and songwriter, who was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. La’pole DaDon developed a keen ear for music in his early childhood and started making music when he was 9. He aspires to be one of the biggest mainstream artists in the rap community, while also ensuring that his songs have his personality within them.


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