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Really Kanye - Are You Serious

Creator: RANDALL HILL | Credit: Reuters Copyright: 2020

Let me tell you all something about Mr. West from the Chi. He is not fooling us out here to vote for him and damn sure isn't voting for 45. That's out the question but Mr. West's low down tactics have to stop. With all the world is going through, he takes his rich comments and ideology and spread it like propaganda. But listen hear ya'll, I'm just getting started because I can't believe the things he has put his fellow people through by trying to damage our fellow heroes names such as Harriet Tubman. We supported you Kanye wheen you were just Jay-Z producer wearing POLO with GUCCI frames when the Roc doubted your rapping abilities, guess who was there for you, US KANYE, not 45.

As of last year, he disappointed us more and more but somehow he seems to keep support from his true fanbase, except for me. One strike and you are out of here if you talking like you been through the civil rights era and not along with slavery. Tell your audience and fans things like that don't help at all but excuses the wrong that was done to the African people. Talking about slavery was a choice, man I will whoop your...... I'm not going to say it because most Celebrities are quick to file a complaint about some internet blog judging them about their actions and way of life.

The congregation wants to know why do you want to run for President of the United States and you are mentally ill. Why would you put this country through more hell and pain with your way of thinking? We all are opting out of your childhood games and unfiltered thoughts and bull. Let's keep it a 100. Do you have a plan or resources to get any of the people who are broke without a job to live as normal as the next man? Answer that, or you plan on making music while trying to focus on a country ran by hate and race.

In conclusion, the times of being heartfelt and love have past and now we are living a world of the show and tell. It is easy to see people are blind by the fact everything is being destroyed by celebrity opinions and lies. Let's all take a step forward and leave the madness behind. It's time for a new beginning and the time is now. Please let's pray for Kanye and forgive him. He doesn't see anything but Kim and not the world as a whole. In other words, do the right thing and vote for the best-qualified candidate. We are out of here. Love and Peace.

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