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Rising Artist 50Shottss Unveils Fresh New Single "Say It’s Love" - #HHOE

Crafting vibrant and varied R&B and Hip-Hop fusion tracks, rising vocalist and lyricist 50Shottss is on the right track to become the genre’s best new sensation

An up-and-coming spectacle, 50Shottss is a budding artist who is sending waves across the music industry with unique Rap and riveting R&B musical compositions.

The growing and talented singer and songwriter is all set to soar and break into the country’s thriving Hip Hop scene with memorable singles that are part of his new ep ‘Christmas Nightmares’.

Having released in January‘2021, the stunning EP is a rousing and stirring re-telling of the artist’s many hardships and trials that he has had to combat throughout his life. The promising artist uses his unique and melodic vocals pitched against the backdrop of striking R&B beats to ultimately create a soundtrack that is a complete package. A recitation of the many phases of life and the problems one encounters within them, the new EP and its stunning singles, beautifully incorporate 50Shottss talents in songwriting and production. Raw and enriching, ‘Christmas Nightmares’ intimately creates a soundtrack that is both inspiring and thrilling for fans of the Hip Hop genre.

The EP’s exquisite original track “Hide This Pain” accentuates a remarkable musical piece which effortlessly melds and marries heartfelt vocals with stirring songwriting about crucial themes of life and experiences. Every track highlights relatable themes and sentiments that are sure to be enjoyed by fans of 50Shottss music.

“A relieving drug they can relate to…it’s like we are one…what makes my music unique is that I really came from nothing and beat the odds” says 50Shottss regarding his string of singles that have been met with critical and commercial acclaim.

Check out his music and find out more about 50Shottss on the links below and reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations or promotional access.


Up-and-coming Hip Hop powerhouse Marquel Bellazer, known by his artistic name “50shottss” is a gifted and multi-talented singer and songwriter who hails from Chicago, Illinois.

Growing up, the budding rapper experienced many adversities and hardships, but continued to persevere and adapt to his environment and setting. Creating musical compositions since 2009, 50shottss found his big break in 2019, after landing a feature single with the late Sony Records Artist Fbg Duck. From there, he went on to sign a distribution deal with Bentley Records and continued to use his music for healing and spreading love. Crafting memorable releases with featuring recording artists Ayoo Kd and Kamnasty, 50Shottss has continued to alter his styles and musical undertones.

Inspired by icons such as Kanye and by the loving support of his daughter, 50Shottss wishes to continue creating unique Rap compositions that embody his own musical talents and abilities. With successful singles such as “Say It’s love” and “No Hope”, the dazzling artist is now driven to make his mark with new “Single’s and amazing video’s”

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Risk Taker
Risk Taker
Apr 15, 2021

he got it on lock

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