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Rising Artist Ma3jor League Set to Inspire

With his unique musical compositions that offer a meaningful and inspiring take on multifarious themes, Artist Ma3jor League is driven to enthral listeners.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 - Crafting a unique new identity in the world of New Wave and Hip Hop, rising singer-songwriter Ma3jor League remains steadfast in expressing his passion for music through original compositions.

Having a stellar discography, which boasts stirring singles such as “Closer View”, “Glockoma”, “Goin Out Sad”, “Bust It”, and others, the artist wishes to stun listeners with meaningful music, immersing listeners into a whole different dimension.

A strong believer in the intent and creative process that precedes a song’s creation and production, Ma3jor League maintains that what makes a song hit is not its lyrics or instrumentals, but rather the thought behind it. With rich and relatable songwriting, the eclectic artist hopes to captivate listeners by painting vivid pictures through lyrical brilliance complementing his distinct, rhythmic prowess.

Ma3jor League’s musical inspirations stem from real-life events that have continually sculpted his musical voyage and made him the person he is today. The dynamic artist aims to deliver his perspective to listeners in a way that is both perceptive and immersive, through each new single.

“Motivation, drive, inspiration, pain, expressing why certain choices were made, talking about my demons… This is why I make music. It’s therapeutic really. It helps to keep my demons under control,” says Ma3jor League regarding his music.

Stream Ma3jor League’s latest releases and follow the artist on social media for updates regarding new music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to contact the artist through email.


An up-and-coming singer-songwriter Ma3jor League remains inspired to create original musical compositions, that are both memorable and cathartic for listeners. Growing up, the artist had a penchant for making music, owing to the therapeutic sentiments it imbued within him.

Ma3jor League has always remained unruffled by the materialistic allure of riches and fame and claims that the only reason he began to release his music was that a friend encouraged him to put his song out for everyone to hear. After much contemplation, the artist agreed and released the song on Soundcloud the very next day. Ever since, he has felt obligated to share his unique perspectives with the world, through each new release.


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