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Rising Musician Yung Script Raises The Bar For Success

Rising musician Yung Script has always expressed his life and thoughts through storytelling, which is a lost art in hip-hop and R&B. With the release of his latest video and single ‘Running Outta Love,’ released in June, the Kentucky/ Atlanta Native is preparing to take the industry by storm. ‘Running Outta Love’ is filled with melodic vocals, and positive rap lyrics over a low key 808 smooth instrumental. Throughout the quarantine, Yung Script has been keeping his Instagram followers and fans entertained and glued on his every move.

Yung Script has been working in the music industry nonstop since he hit the ground running. He has landed some of his best work with some of the most talented artists in the industry. His resume includes megastar French Montana from Bad Boy Records and CEO of Coke Boys Records. He is more than a rapper/singer and songwriter but also has a passion for helping other up and coming artists develop and gain knowledge about the music industry while focusing on his long life achievements.

Stream "Running Outta Love" by Yung Script

Script is currently an independent artist putting in work and hoping to get recognized and awarded for his long time accomplished. His music catalog is flawless with hits like “Would You Go” and “Always Remember” separates Yung Script apart from the rest of the emerging artist in the game. Yung Script plans on being one of the number #1 chartings by the end of 2020.

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