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Rising Talent Lessonz Enthrals Audiences In Latest Release

Incorporating life lessons he has learnt into his songs gives his music a unique and personal touch

Wallace, NC, 27 February 2022 Rising hip hop sensation Ronald, who was named after his father, prefers to be addressed by his stage name ‘Lessonz’. Fuelled by the obstacles he has faced in his life, Lessonz creates music that serves as catharsis for him and his listeners, and he has been doing this for around 15 years.

Lessonz aspires to create passionate and motivational music, that is driven by struggle and life lessons. He believes that motivation is a debatable topic, but there is little doubt in his mind regarding its importance in everyday life and eventual success. Growing up, Lessonz used to listen to Tupac all the time. It was Tupac’s brilliant lyricism that inspired Lessonz to consider music as a career. He would also listen to other icons, such as Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and Nas, to get acquainted with the many diverse spheres of music – a skill that has shaped him into the artist he is today.

“He who forgets he, forgets he altogether” is a mantra Lessonz revisits on a daily basis because according to him, the most important thing in the creation of music is to understand the customer well. However, he argues, that sometimes artists get too carried away in trying to understand the audience and as a result they forget themselves. Lessonz tries to espouse the ideology of consistent growth and self actualization, and uses his music as a powerful tool to enable others to do the same. Go to to explore his music. For interviews, reviews and collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist via email. ABOUT Lessonz is a rising talent in the world of hip hop music. He has been making music for around 15 years, and has been amassing quite the loyal fan base over the years. Having lived a life of trials and tribulations, Lessonz creates music that has been moulded from his experiences, allowing fans to seek comfort and refuge in his music. Being a proponent of working hard and staying true to one’s passion, Lessonz is paving the way for a new wave of alternative hip hop music – one in which the artist aspires to create a positive spirit within the audience.

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