Robbo Brilliant is Ready to Transform the World - #HHOE

“From The Lou” Artist Stays Involved in Community Service to Help Those Who Need it the Most

St. Louis, Missouri – Robbo Brilliant made waves with the release of his Midwest anthem “From The Lou” in September 2019. After dropping his first single, “Flippin”, in 2016, Robbo Brilliant ignited his drive to inspire the world through his art. As a father, artist, generous philanthropist, and motivational speaker, he is able to take listeners to a different place with his songs and paint a picture with his vivid storytelling. As a believer in the law of attraction, he practices what he preaches and channels his genuine desire to help and uplift individuals to become the best version of themselves with the music he produces.

The unique delivery of music, the strength of his emotions, and his tonal variations make R