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Scott Brothers Drop New Album ‘Pioneers Millennials 2

Re-defining music and entertainment, Scott Brother’s newest EP stands out from any other Hip-Hop work of today

READING, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 – Be it creating music that resonates beautifully with audiences, offering a raw and heartfelt channel of connection, or reinventing the Hip Hop genre with vibrant musical elements, Scott Brothers do it all.

The artists’ new EP ‘Pioneers Millennials 2’ presents a sensory and profound mix of song writing and lyricism that will touch all audiences. Having released on June 29th, 2022, the new EP has been produced By Temper Beats, and showcases the flairs of several iconic contemporary artists, such as Cappadona who features on the song “Before Time”.

When listening to ‘Pioneers Millennials 2’, listeners will feel a surge of calming relief, a necessary escape from music that is spellbindingly delivered through the artists’ work. Scott Brothers’ music is unique in its innate ability of guiding and touching listeners with tracks that are enshrined with an impactful message and concept.

“Our true belief when it comes to music is very genuine and heart felt and music is not just business…it is culture that draws many people from all ethnic groups and backgrounds,” say the artists on the power of their music.

Scott Brothers’ work draws inspiration from a number of celebrated and legendary songwriters who have continually stirred them to create moving musical compositions. Some of their many idols and inspirations include the iconic Tupac, Biggie Nas, Jay Z, and others. Scott Brothers also count their hard-working and loving team and company as a strong source of motivation, without whom none of them could have come as far as they have.

With a list of goals that they are prepared to achieve, Scott Brothers are looking forward to the release of their new album, ‘B.O.D; a live performance and tour, and an ‘Artist Development Program’.

Stream Scott Brother’s fresh new EP on Spotify and download their new music on all digital Platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and other streaming services! Follow the artists on Facebook @Bryhem Scott, and Instagram @Bryhem Scott, to keep track of new releases!


A Hip-Hop collective like no other, promising artists Scott Brothers began making music in the late 90’s, around 1998-1999. Drawing inspiration from the raw and ingenious talent of neighborhood ‘homies’, the group was enthused to bring the Hip Hop genre back to its roots with a fresh breath of originality. Scott Brothers started out doing Rap battles, trying their hand at Rap music.

The dynamic artists began going to the studio to learn the algorithm of writing and recording music from an early age, a crucial experience that helped them head start their professional ventures. Coupled with their seasoned primary engineer and producer, D.B.C., who was a part of old-school, Hip-Hop band Stetsasonic, the Scott Brothers learnt measurements, delivery, punch-ins, and all other varied elements that form the basis of recording music. With their groundbreaking yet resonant new EP, the group is aspiring for new heights.


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