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Slaughter Gang’s New Rising Artist 2xSlaughterShit Releases New Heat, "You or I"

September 6, 2022 – Atlanta, GA Slaughter Gang’s new and upcoming artist 2xSlaughterShit is coming out with that heat! Introducing his newest single entitled “You and I.” (Available in all digital platforms)

The 2xSlaughterShit fan base is growing like crazy. With over 10K followers on social media, 2xSlaughterShit has already made a name for himself as he has made appearances on Spinnrilla and The Pink House.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA. 2xSlaughterShit has over thousands of views for his diverse style and sound in Hip Hop. After taking a hiatus on social media, 2xSlaughterShit eclectic rockstar style in fashion and in music has people wanting to know more. As his music videos are rapidly establishing his new and profound status as a “Rockstar Gangsta Rapper.” The artist has already earned the likes of a few notable people in the hip-hop industry.

Inspired by the sounds of rock, hip hop, and gangster rap. 2xSlaughterShit’s sound is unordinary. He cites the likes of Gucci Mane being his favorite rap artist and a few others that have inspired his sound, he explains: “I want people to understand me, my struggles and my up-comings. My music allows people to understand that I am an artist, not an average street n**** You can’t put me in one box” I’m different, I am an artist.” With views going through the roof, 2xSlaughterShit is well on his way to making his mark as a rising hip hop rockstar.

Stream "You and I" by 2xSlaughterShit

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