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Slimteo Drops New Single “Wake Get This Money” - #HHOE

Independent Artist Slmiteo Releases Brand New Single

Miami, Florida – Hip hop is a genre that has always been about showcasing the truth and passion that an artist has for their music and life. The whole genre has acquired the reputation of being notoriously hard to enter and even harder to do well. Slimteo manages to beat the odds with his unique sound and perspective.

Slimteo’s latest single, “Wake Get This Money,” works perfectly in the Hip Hop genre. The song tells a story about how everyone dreams of being rich. However, not all dreams come true if people aren’t willing to work towards them. The song is talking about harsh realities such as poverty.

Hailing from Miami, Slimteo was raised Haitian, and while growing up, music was a big part of his everyday life. What started as a few rhymes being written in his teenage years slowly developed into full-fledged studio recorded songs.

His latest single, “‘Wake Get This Money,” is a catchy hip hop song. It speaks from his own struggles and focus towards his upcoming music career and the people he has met and seen along the way. Slimteo brings social problems such as poverty into stark light.

If you’re looking to listen to something catchy yet meaningful, Slimteo’s “Wake Get This Money” is available to stream on all major platforms. The music video is available to stream as well!


Slimteo is an upcoming Hip Hop artist who has recently released his latest single, “ Wake Get This Money.” The artist comes from Miami, Florida but was raised Haitian. The singer/songwriter grew up being surrounded by music and having a definitive passion. As a teenager, Slimteo managed to put down a few rhymes but only turned to music seriously later on.

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