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Smilez: It’s Now Or Never - #HHOE

Smilez Leone is an artist on a mission. He was born in Virginia; however, his mother decided to move their family back to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The move back to North Carolina was the most significant thing his mother could have done regarding Smilez’s musical career. Smilez’s love for music is in his DNA; he inherits his musical family’s passion, mainly his two grandmothers. He was in love with music so much that he would learn what he needed to know in his math classes, to work on his music.

Smilez love for music kept him grounded. Being from a small city Smilez watched his mother struggle to make ends meet. While doing all she could to take care of him and his two sisters. Smilez decided to take his talent and make a career out of it. Taking a chance after a two year hiatus Smilez came back strong. Dropping his first and second mixtape of 2020 Anarchy Vol. 1 and 2 which did remarkable numbers on audiomack for his first time back. Smilez is expected to drop his smash single from his upcoming EP “Black Rose” called “Flex” 01/01/2021.

“Don’t knock on the door of opportunity kick it down”

”Be versatile so they can never cage you or put you in a box”

Be sure to support this independent artist on his journey to greatness.

For more inquiries about the artist known as Smilez Leone on you can find more music and updates at

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