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Stoner Conscious Rap… A New Breed Of Hip Hop Music By JT-Blaze - #HHOE

Sacramento, CA — Stoner Conscious Rap is what JT-Blaze proclaims is the message behind his music. He claims it is “Hip Hop music that enlightens your mind, while you also enjoy getting stoned.” JT-Blaze boasts “The best way to define my unique sound is if you took Bob Marley’s message of peace and harmony and meshed it with Cypress Hill songs about marijuana consumption.”

JT-Blaze within the year has already had over 100k streams and thousands of followers and listeners on Spotify due to his unique message of being proud he smokes weed and attacking the 1% of society who control most the worlds resources and power. He is a rebel musician at heart, and he believes his ability to confront mainstream ideals through his music is what attracts his fans, especially because he provides a unique message to be proud to smoke weed and to become awaken and revolt against corruption within the United States Government. You can find all of JT-Blaze’s music and social media links on his website @ and his music is available on all streaming platforms as well. He has also released over 25 songs/singles and will drop his debut album “Out-Caste” on Jan. 1st 2021. (1/1/21)

Ron Winker proclaims in his article from Lifoti Magazine Issue 7 Feb. Edition “JT-Blaze has strait fire….which he smokes and spits lyrically. He provides a unique message that resonates with people who want something more from music then materialistic glamour, which today is overly consumed in main stream Hip Hop and Rap. A real musician with an authentic message from the heart and soul instead of his wallet. A true inspiration for the future of music and the world.”

JT-Blaze has dedicated himself to be one of the hottest rising stars in hip hop due to a huge amount of new music he is ready to release. He has already promised his fans a new single every 3 weeks ALL YEAR and has over a 100 unreleased songs ready to release. He also boasts his wide range of new songs will have a sound for everyone. Whether it’s Trap, EDM, Reggae, Rock, etc. you name the genre, and JT has a rap song out that matches that genres sound, or a song he will release soon. So if you are in need of constant new music with a wide variety of different sounds then JT-Blaze is the artist for you.

Now is the time to awaken your mind and soul and embrace this new age sound of Stoner Conscious Hip Hop, and all you have to do is click this link to have your mind Blazed…. and Blown…. Click Now–>


JT-Blaze created his rap name by combining his first and middle initials (Jacob Troy) with what he loves to do most….BLAZE UP MARY JANE AND THE MIC!!! He also has developed a new hip hop genre which he refers to as STONER CONSCIOUS HIP HOP. This new genre best defines the theme behind JT-Blaze’s music which is to provide a mixture of weed smoking songs that also make you think about how the world really works.

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