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Stream Lil AO’s Hot and Hard-Hitting New Single - #HHOE

Lil AO’s Newest Single Brings a Whole New Meaning to Hardcore Hip Hop

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Lil AO has been honing his craft as a musician ever since the young age of 17, and it shows. The artist has found a way to blend bop-worthy tunes with powerful lyrics perfectly, something fans far and wide appreciate.

His latest single, “Slave Mentality”, dropped on the 28th of May 2021 at 2pm east time zone, is set to be a testament to that fact. The song brims with Lil AO’s authentic flow, a style so uniquely his that it draws in fans from everywhere out of sheer listening pleasure. With K.E. ON The Track production and Jordan Baywood mixing and mastering, the single is a ringer for a hit. The fire track is available for pre-saving so fans can avoid missing out.

Lil AO is the kind of artist that can draw motivation and inspiration from anywhere. While some of his key sources include traveling and fresh beats, his biggest motivator by far is his daughter.

In his future, the talented artist sees his own record label to help budding stars like him achieve their dreams. Visionary Motivational Speaker (VMS) is the name he has chosen for this label. His own successes, he attributes to God.

Through his musical flair, the artist aims to reach others who can relate to him. He intends to build a deep-rooted network, so people know they are not alone.

Visit Lil AO’s official website to stream, download, and buy his music. Listeners can follow the artist on major music and social media platforms to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. Contact him for interviews with the information given below.


Lil AO is a 28-year old talented musician born in Angola Luanda, Southwest Africa, and raised in Philadelphia, USA. Ever since a young age, he showed an affinity for basketball, but his playing days came to an end after a car accident at the age of 16. Since then, he has found his solace in writing music and rapping, improving his skills over the past 9 years.


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