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Tae Edmonds Prepares Some of His Best Work for 2020 Release

Hip Hop artist Tae Edmonds is taking his love for music and turning it into an album for fans. The yet untitled album promises hip hop beats that will speak to listeners around the world.

The new album is about the singer’s life experiences and those of other people. Tae’s music style is free of swearing, bringing a refreshing, clean style to hip hop. The songs will be full of Tae’s heart and soul, connecting with fans on every level.

Tae grew up in Chicago, IL, and always thought and dreamed of being a big music star. He discovered his passion for music when he started to dance and sing watching the movie ”The Temptations” in 1998. From that point on, Tae was involved in choir, musicals, and songwriting. Tae also learned to play the piano and ukulele in my spare time. Tae always tells people, “Music changed my life”. So far, Tae has over 7 million streams on SoundCloud and a devoted fanbase.


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