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Talented 10-Year-Old Set to Rewrite The Rap Game History Books

10-Year-Old Rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana, RayDaYungin, sets the rap community on fire with his amazing lyrical strength

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the rap game with the emergence of fast-rising rap genius, RayDaYungin. Born Rayvon Tariq Webber, the talented 10-Year-Old has already started to gain traction for his amazing delivery, with his videos on YouTube and other digital platforms garnering accolades from rap lovers and fans of good music across the globe.

There has been a series of evolution in the music industry and the world of entertainment as a whole over several decades. The hip-hop culture has seemingly spearheaded the evolution, with the emergence of different rappers and artists offering an amazing transition from the “old school” to the new era of rap music. However, the rap genre that first came to prominence in the mid-1970s seems to have lost some of the features that gave it the glory many of the artists currently enjoy. Many rap songs coming out the speakers lack the kind of “content” that made the world fall in love with the music genre. Consequently, a rap revolution has become imminent and one name that is looking to champion this unannounced revolution is RayDaYungin.

Born on June 19, 2010, in Shreveport, Louisiana, RayDaYungin burst into the music scene in probably the most unexpected fashion. Rayvon was a part of a music camp and everybody fell in love with the words that came out of his mouth, likening him to JayDaYoungan, and eventually started calling him RayDaYungin, a name that remains till date.

RayDaYungin got the support of his dad, who is also his manager, to pursue his dream, spotting his love for rap and dance. Influenced by the likes of Da Baby, NLE Choppa, and Roddy Rich, RayDaYungin has already started to carve a niche in the industry, thanks to his fantastic songwriting skills and creative wordplay.

Some of the songs that have presented RayDaYungin as the next big thing in the industry include Ray Ray, Up Next, and Out My Body, which features 70th Street Carlos. RayDaYungin has caught the attention of heavyweights in the industry, delivering energetic performances on several shows and booked to open for Stunna 4 Vegas and Trap Boy Freddy back in March, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The talented MC hopes to continue to push out good music and might be taking up some acting roles on the side.

For more information about RayDaYungin and his works, please visit Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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