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Texas Artist G-Rale Gambino Releases New Single “Move”

Straight from the Lone Star state, Hip Hop artist G-Rale Gambino is making waves with his latest music. With his latest single and another upcoming project, G-Rale Gambino is taking over the hip hop world.

G-Rale Gambino released a single over the summer called “Move!” The song has been streamed over 30 thousand times worldwide, gaining a huge fanbase. The song is the opening move for an upcoming project called “1st Gear.” This project will focus on the various styles and aspects that have inspired the artist. It will also shed insight into the mind and life of G-Rale Gambino. Listeners will see G-Rale’s creativity shine through as well as his talent for writing lyrics. Hip hop lovers will not want to miss this future musical masterpiece.

Music has always been apart of G-Rale Gambino’s life, especially during his years at school. G-Rale would take part in freestyle music battles, challenging other students to be the top freestyler in Dallas. G-Rale discovered he had a talent for writing lyrics from these battles. At Age 17, G-Rale, and another upcoming artist named Stainless, had a musical breakthrough and was recognized by West World Wide in South Dallas. They continued to rise in stardom with their beats. G-Rale has grown his career, giving himself over to music, and getting his music out on all streaming platforms. G-Rale Gambino will soon be a household name, blasted on the speakers everywhere.

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