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The Importance of Music Synchronization License & Placement

When we hear music and sounds in a commercial, movie, ad, TV show, video game, or sports; we think of soundtracks, memories, and emotions. In reality, it is a great thing for musicians. The terminology for this type of music is Sync Placement and licensing.

Sync placements are very important if an artist wants to gain more exposure and awareness for their brand. It also allows the artist to gain more fans, possibly creates or add more to their target audience, incline in revenue, receive an upfront fee and performance royalties, improve sales on music, open more opportunities such as interviews, more song placements, magazine spreads, etc.

Choosing a project that matches perfectly with the artist's sound is the best because this gives the artist a chance to gain more fans on the show. In the long run, this has opened doors for a lot of indie artists which exposed them to a larger audience.

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