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The Rasta Soldier Freeborn Caesar and a Wonderful Musical Journey - #HHOE

Listen to Freeborn Caesar’s phenomenal tracks that mark his conscious entry into the world of music

Lagos, Nigeria — Freeborn Caesar is an artist looking to revolutionize the world of music and change the meaning and perspective of the same. It is his rich and holistic background combined with an undying passion that makes him so good at what he does. His music is not the only thing that defines him, but it certainly carves out a magical path for him.

Alongside music, he is also a soldier who is enlisted in the Nigerian Navy Special Forces. The Rasta Soldier believes that this is what makes his music so distinctive and personal. His story and the incidents that shape up his life always reflect in his music in some way or the other. Freeborn Caesar’s motto is to keep creating conscious and active music.

His way of life and attitude is what makes him so influential no matter what he does. Besides music, Freeborn Caesar is also extremely involved in Afropop and is a successful dancehall artist. All of these wholly different but interesting things accumulate into the amazing artist that he is. He is on an inspirational journey, with only good things following him.

“Soldier Boy Story” is his latest track released in 2021. Furthermore, the Reggae and Dance beats act as an extremely imperative element in his storytelling. His soulful but edgy voice stays back long after the track ends. What’s more is that, even his breath sounds like music to one’s ears.

Furthermore, another track of his that has been well received and critically acclaimed is “Motherland.” This too, is a single that was released in the year 2021, and has seen seamless downloads, streams, and plays from around the globe. His ability to combine storytelling and emotion with popular beats is something that does not go unnoticed. Not only that, the fact that he makes a conscious choice of what to put into his music is a factor that makes it stand out.

Most of his new music has natives styles of elemental rock combined with soul music at moderate tempos. Check out Freeborn Caesar’s new music and download his songs through Youtube or Spotify. Do not miss getting a sneak peek into his world on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. This Rasta Soldier would love and appreciate your support immensely.


Freeborn Caesar is an artist who creates so much more than music. From an early age, he was attracted to beats and had immense knowledge about dancing too. This combined with the element of roots reflects in his music. He believes that being a soldier in Nigeria and inspiring the youth are two very important things for him. He has released several singles since he began, and has many more exciting tracks lined up.


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