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The Wait is Over, Bronx Rapper Redlite Drops New Exclusive Music Video: "Summer's Over"

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Bronx, NY, rising artist Redlite is making waves in the music industry and isn't taking no for an answer. Just in time for the fall, Redlite releases a new sizzling video, "Summer's Over"

Hip-Hop artist Redlite is bringing romance, sex appeal, and creativity back to the rap genre in his latest video single release, "Summer's Over." The Bronx native is no rookie to the music industry and thrives on staying consistent with a work ethic like no other independent artist in 2022. Redlite displays a new side to his artistry in the latest video release, which is the perfect mix of authentic hip-hop with a rhythm and blues twist that creates a remarkable sound that the fans and listeners can't turn down. While creating a solid buzz within the hip-hop genre, Redlite has proven many times over the years that he has what it takes to take his music to the next level.

Redlite new music video stands out like no other and reminds the ladies why "Summer's Over." The Bronx sex symbol hypnotizes the listener with lyrics that reflect on his next move to cuff and lockdown his female companion in the most exotic way possible. As the beat and verse take your mind on an intimate journey, Redlite paints the perfect lyrical, vivid picture with wordplay and storytelling like no other.

Many say Redlite has a significant way of connecting with his fans through his musical talents, and he does just that in "Summer's Over." Fans show substantial support for the new release and are shocked by the versatility and melodic vocals Redlite delivered on the hook. In addition, "Summer's Over" displays some powerful and seductive lyrics, giving fans what they want.

Redlite's love for creating music is the perfect example of his music catalog. His music comes from life experiences and hardships that fans surely appreciate. So please stay connected with Redlite career by following him on all social media and streaming platforms.

Check out the new release, "Summer's Over"

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Dec 06, 2022

Damn he sing too 😂🔥 He fire with it thou

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