This Young Phenomenon Is Ready To Conquer It All - #HHOE

Young sensation Sa$ha Lee, rapper and artist, has an important message for all

Charlotte, North Carolina – Six-year-old Sa$ha Lee Simmons is making waves with her passion for singing and performance. The young rapper recorded a seven-song album titled ‘Paint the World’ during the pandemic last year. Having also co-written the album, the young performer’s motivation was to paint the world through music. The Album ‘Paint the World’ is ready to be released in 2021 – Sa$ha has been working hard on this fun and uplifting release, and in her own words, “It’s music for the children to have fun again.”

Little Sa$ha has been already performed in the past and has received a lot of praise for her talent. For example, at four years old, Sa$ha had her first performance, “I Like It” by Cardi B, in a local contest at Six Flags amusement part in Mitchellville, MD. Her first ever song, “My Chair,” was debuted for the music app KR38R at a live performance with a band in Knoxville, Tennessee. The song and the interview are scheduled to be aired on the All Hip