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Today Melodic Rapper Aidan Skira Drops Raw Breakup Track “I Tried”

19-year-old Aidan Skira is self-taught, self-produced, and self-animated, with an organic following of bedroom-music-heads and kids from the suburbs who relate to the heartbreak of being exposed to the truths of adult life. With a drive to help others find light in dark times, Aidan knows he has a unique perspective to share with the world and he’s bringing his people with him. Signed to Wax Records, he will be releasing his first EP this winter.

Latest single, “I Tried,” was inspired by the need to break up with a now-ex as his overall happiness progressively worsened in the relationship. When he ended up breaking it off and stopped communicating with her, she made up disgusting rumors and Aidan was attacked by her friends for things he didn’t do. The song talks about how he dealt with the whole situation.

Stream “I Tried

Watch the visual "I Tried"

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