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Top 10 VST Plugins for Hip Hop Music - R-Loops

What's up, everybody? Aaron here with R-Loops & TheDrumBank to discuss the Top 10 VST Instrument Plugins for Hip Hop music. This includes hip hop, rap, trap & RNB. Some of these I personally use and can vouge for. Others were recommended by some of my producer friends. These are in no specific order.

Xpand!2 This is one I personally use very often. Xpand!2 has a good balance between real instruments & digitally created sounds. Its packed with over 2500 presets sorted into 29 categories for easy navigation. Instruments include pads, synth, percussive, guitar, acoustic & electric piano, vocals, bells, organs, strings & more. Its a multitimbral workstation with 4 active sound slots. This allows you to layer multiple presets to give you the ultimate sound.

Massive This is another I have in my personal collection & its a game changer. With over 1300 presets, there's not a sound you cant find within Massive. And being the ultimate synthesizer that is is, you can literally manipulate the sound in almost any way imaginable. Also a multitimbral workstation, it's easy to generate the perfect sound.

Kontakt Kontakt is an instrument player that runs all NI Kontakt Instruments as well as instruments from 100s of other companies. Although Kontakt is a God among Plugins when you purchase expansions, you can even find great value from its core library. It's loaded with great live instruments, loops & effects.

Omnisphere This plugin has blown up in the last couple of years. It's packed with over 14,000 inspiring sounds to get you started. You can even import your own audio and use it as your sound source! Mix that with the 57 different effect units & the possibilities are limitless. This allows you to create your own instrument/preset within omnisphere and ensuring you sound original.

Nexus Depending on the package you get, you can get anywhere from 2250 presets with 13GB of samples up to 16000 presets with 130GB of samples. This is a MAJOR game changer for anyone who is willing to invest! It also has 119 appregiator presets & 95 effect presets. You could make fire forever with this single plugin!

Sylenth This was recommended to me by a producer friend of mine. While I was a little scpetic at first, once I have seen it in action, it won me over. Much like some of the others on this list, the ability to layer your sounds within the synth is a huge bonus. Its also no to pricey, to begin with at 139 euros but you can also pay monthly if necessary.

Absynth Absynth is definitely for somebody who likes the more trippy & spacey sounds. That includes me so I love Absynth. Packed with over 1800 atmospheric presets, you can take your listeners on a journey through time & space. They also have a cool "Mutate" feature that randomly adjusts the effects & modulation of a sound to give you something completely new each time!

Serum Serum is a wavetable synthesizer that allows you to view presets, or import your own audio, in a way you never have. This visual and creative workflow can make even most tedious sound design fun & entertaining. It has 455 presets & 144 different wavetables to help you maximize your creativity & design.

Reaktor Reaktor is another instrument player from NI. While kontakt focused more on real instruments, reaktor focuses on synths & digital audio. Reaktors factory library has over 70 instruments for you to get started with. You can also share & download your created instruments & presets with the Reaktor community. This can help give you endless inspiration in the studio.

Keyscape This plugin is home to the largest collection of keyboards in the world! With over 620 different piano patches, you will definitely be able to find your itch. Keyscape is also fully integratable with Omnisphere so you can take your piano creations to a whole nother universe!

That's the end of our list for today. Go check out some of these great plugins if your in need of a new synth! Thanks for joining us & keep creating!

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