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Canadian Artist Blow_flyy Presents His Latest Visual "Bleed 4 You"

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The artist of many talents has released one of his most anticipated visuals that will inspire and motivate others to care for the ones they love the most

Atlanta, GA – February 9, 2021 – Blow_flyy A Canadian rap artist who is fluent in his raps in his own unique way without rhyming word after word and without referring to women at all in any derogatory way or glorifying street drug use and street life, the usual content you hear from most hip-hop/rap artist today mainstream & non-mainstream. His passion for hip-hop is deeply embedded in his DNA; with his songwriting and storytelling, he is making a mark in the music industry as a versatile artist. Blow_flyy puts a lot of time & effort into his rap songwriting & sound the type of content & sound he wants to relay to hip-hop music listeners and fans, and that is the mentality with which he presents as listeners will hear in any of his music.

The rapper has recently released his long-awaited video and single, “Bleed 4 You,” on Youtube and all digital music stores. The single has its own personality but surrounds a general theme of confronting reality with love and happiness. The artist is sending a clear message of acceptance and embracing love for his companion. With the perfect R&B hook and lyrical rap verses, the Toronto artist can’t lose.

Blow_flyy is a rising hip-hop star with a prosperous outlook on life. This rapper is definitely on our radar because he generates music for all listeners with a catalog of mostly clean music and content. He stands out from most hip-hop artists of this generation, as he continues to Grind forward independently while building on his brand and with his longtime manager.

“Bleed 4 You” is an exceptional single and video that allows listeners to relish heartfelt music. The rhythm and sounds are created to appeal to fans and listeners of hip-hop and R&B type music. Blow_flyy hopes to provide inspiration and real-life experiences for fans by introducing them to his life as an artist.

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Artist Name: Blow_flyy

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