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Toronto rising DJ S-ONE collabs with 23Dreamz on swaggered floor mover “Lil Bit”

As a DJ, S-ONE knows how to control a party. He's dominated the night club and party scene from the east to west end, the Greater Toronto Area and is continuing to grow his audience beyond the city and the country as he tours and shares his love of music with crowds everywhere. When other children his age were playing with toys, S-ONE was drawn to his father's records and expensive sound equipment. As a boy he became known for sneaking and manually spinning records on the needles of his father's turntable so that he could hear the faint melodies trapped in the grooves of each record.

Just in time for the summer S-ONE teams with 23Dreamz on the seductive single “Lil Bit”.

A melodic dance floor anthem inspired to help people “find a lil bit of love in our loveless world”

Vibe to “Lil Bit” ft 23Dreamz

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