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Coming from the DC area is none other than 'TrapPhenom'. An emcee, lyricist, and CEO of Dope Boy Swag Entertainment, TrapPhenom is proud to announce what he has in store for fans next. It’s his new album ‘TrapPhenom More Than The Trap.’ 

‘TrapPhenom More Than The Trap’ is just the latest from this original rapper. He notes, “It’s more than your ghetto neighborhood blues reality music, more than your drug dealing music; more than trap.” With that, fans can expect his 2020 release soon. This album follows the release of 2018’s ‘NonFiction’ mixtape. That one featured a dozen and a half tracks that fans could not get enough of. This will be the case with ‘TrapPhenom More Than The Trap’ as it will feature new tracks that take his skills to the next level of rap. 

With fans near and far continuously commenting that what TrapPhenom is straight fire, he cannot wait to hear their reactions to what he has in store with his new release. For he does this not only for himself but for the people. He wants to entertain the best way he knows how and that is through his music. 

TrapPhenom has been making music since 2006. He writes and helps produce all of his material, including his upcoming 2020 release, ‘TrapPhenom More Than The Trap.’ With original content, dope beats and great concepts all around, there is no doubt that his take on trap hip hop will elevate him to new levels this year. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, reviewing ‘TrapPhenom More Than The Trap,’ or interviewing TrapPhenom can reach out via the information provided below.

For more music from TrapPhenom, please visit:

Contact: TrapPhenom Dope Boy Swag Entertainment 202-876-5775

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Chris P
Chris P
Apr 08, 2020

cool stuff man, lets work

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