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Tru Trilla Drops New Audio & Visuals ft N.B.S. X Recognize Ali: "No Joking Around"

To mark their official fifth anniversary since re-launching in 2019, New Dawn Records have today released the new single "No Joking Around" by New Jersey rapper Tru Trilla.

Following last month's 'Sun Rays' featuring Reks and Lakim Shabazz, this is the second to be taken from the forthcoming album "XVI : Return of the Gods" out in May.

On the new cut, the Brick City veteran has recruited another Garden State native in the form of Jamal Nueve, originally affiliated with the legendary Flavor Unit crew as DJ Jamal #9.  Now resident in California, the multi credited producer has delivered a funk fuelled banger laced with ferocious bars from lyrical marksmen in the heavyweight division.

The gloves are off as Boston's Flash and V Knuckles of N.B.S. join Tru and Recognize Ali on the rampage, exchanging trademark punchlines as combinations thrown in a barrage of body blows to would be contenders.  Rugged and uncompromising, high frequency lyrics with no prisoners taken, the result is undisputed.




Tru Trilla

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Recognize Ali

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Jamal Nueve

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New Dawn Records

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