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Unsung Heroes of Christian Hip Hop: MIXEDBYAC

By Caleb Mckinion - Typically, when a song drops, the main artist gets all the credit and love. But, as many know, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, producers, and sometimes even writers go under the radar and don’t receive the proper recognition. The “Unsung Heroes of Christian Hip Hop” series will highlight those artists that put in work and don’t receive all of the acknowledgment they deserve.

Anthony Carballo, better known as MIXEDBYAC, or just AC, is a mixing engineer and DJ who has worked with nobigdyl., Aaron Cole, Andy Mineo, WHATUPRG, DJ Mykael V, and many more. Hailing from Houston, Texas, AC mixed nobigdyl.’s 2019 mixtape LOWERCASE TAPE. and has had recent placements with Aaron Cole’s double-single, . He’s fresh off the mix of nobigdyl. & Andy Mineo’s “WILLY” and also toured as Aaron Cole’s DJ on Tobymac’s Hits Deep Tour in early 2020. MIXEDBYAC is becoming one of the go-to mixing engineers in CHH and will continue to be getting looks.

How have you enjoyed working in nobigdyl. and Aaron Cole and many other CHH artists? 

It’s been awesome. I think there is so much talent in our space and there are so many artists that people don’t yet know about. It’s been really dope to get to know these guys on a personal level, work with them, and build something with them.

What is your favorite track you helped craft?

I would say “Water 4 Me” or “PARABOLIC!.” They’re both feel-good type of records. I was definitely in the recording/making process with “Water 4 Me.” I had Iggy send a pack and I played that beat for Aaron on our first stop on the Hits Deep Tour and he recorded the idea and we knew this was a record we needed to finish. “PARABOLIC!” is such a dope record. I just love the way the drums were mixed.

How do you feel mixing engineers can get their name out there? What’s your story behind getting your name out? 

I think just by building a great reputation with your artists and keep building your excellence for quality. My story behind getting my name out there is just relationships. It took a couple of years to get here but I’m still nowhere near where I need to be. Networking and building those relationships with those people helped me get here.

What would you say to someone who’s looking to become a mixing engineer?

I would say to train your ears. Don’t just mix your homies. Mix all the vocals you can because when you receive files one day and you never mixed a female or a very bass-heavy male vocal then it’s gonna be a rollercoaster! Also, just trust your ears.

What’s next for you? 

What’s next for me is perfecting my craft, getting better, and continuing to kill any song that comes my way! Also, whenever shows or tours come back I can’t wait to hit the road again! Follow AC on social media @mixedbyac on Instagram and Twitter and see his discography as well as contact information on his website.

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