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Up And Coming Rap, Hip Hop Superstar Releases A New Mixtape

Talented, Creative, And Ready To Experiment – LT Wigglez Is Unstoppable

COMPTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2021 - Artist LT Wigglez has a hot mixtape titled “New Grinchmaz Thieves” coming up on the 24th of this month – yes, that’s right – right on Christmas Eve. This number has been a long time coming, and listeners are excited to find out what the artist has in store. LT Wigglez has worked closely with Getta Ent, Conglomeration Inc, Real Music, and StarvN Ent for his music releases, including the new mixtape. We don’t exactly know what this tape will be about, but one can expect it to be an R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel blend. The singer-songwriter usually produces in these genres, so it is safe to say the new release will be another exciting addition.

LT Wigglez aims to make relatable music that hits people home. He has been quite successful in his efforts considering that the usual feedback from listeners is based on the relatability of the artist’s music.

Family is the main motivation for this artist; he wants to give them a better lifestyle and comfortable life. As a religious person, the singer believes that his talents are a gift from God that must be used to better his own life and those around him. As a result, he focuses on making enjoyable music and inspiring people around him with it. The singer heavily relies on support from his family; his wife, LaTina Brown, is essentially his right hand and assists him in every musical endeavor. Similarly, his parents, Marvin and Linda Brown have supported his passion and encouraged him to pursue music throughout.

LT Wigglez started his music journey at the age of seven years old when he started driving and singing in the choir. Despite not having any formal training, he always had a knack for music and was a natural at it. His mother realizing his gifts has not only supported him but also inspired him to pursue music. With a new mixtape on its way, the artist hopes to impart a positive and hopeful message to his listeners and, of course, grow his fan base. Living a comfortable life is one of the goals of this artist, which he intends to pursue via music only. As a result, plans include launching his own major entertainment company. For more information on the artist, check out his music, please click here.


Marvin James Brown Jr RR, also known as, LT Wigglez hails from Los Angeles, California. He is passionate about Pop, R&B, Gospel, and rap music and is known for highly relatable music content. Having started music at a young age, Marvin knew ever since the church choir days that music was his destiny. As an adult now, Marvin has no plans of stopping.


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