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Up & Coming Brooklyn Rapper LiL Teflon Delivers Another Hit Single, "Picture This"

The Brooklyn native has been making waves as one of the most talented emerging artists on the independent scene with a style that can't be duplicated or put into a box. Lil Teflon's introduction to rap came when he was 14 years old, and he has been at it ever since then. Starting years ago, he went on a Soundcloud run, dropping several singles, working with rappers like BeenTrapping and Savage Rellz, and building a buzz in the great state of New York. In 2020, he put out an independent single, "How It Go", which reached a couple of thousand on Soundcloud.

Teflon realizes his destiny while growing up in Brooklyn and being surrounded by the mecca of hip-hop. Teflon scored big with releases such as "Stunt on You" at the beginning of 2021, which grab the streets' attention. With his musical skills and creative mind, this young artist is well on his way to the top.

On Mar 29, 2021, LiL Teflon released a new single titled "Picture This" over the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur's instrumental "Picture Me Rolling". The response from his fans, industry professionals, and tastemakers has been positive. The single is now available on Soundcloud and Youtube platforms and getting great engagement from fans for its legendary sound, memorable hook, and catchy lyrics. The song is most definitely a must-hear song for 2021. LiL Teflon shows no signs of slowing down as he gears up for 2021 and more upcoming projects.

Stream "Picture This" now on Youtube & Soundcloud

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Risk Taker
Risk Taker
06. 4. 2021

fire af

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😂 nigga no!

To se mi líbí
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