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Emerging Artist 'Lil Tyme' Delivers His Second EP 'Time Is Money 2'

Lil Tyme is an upcoming artist from the great state of New York. The NY emerging rapper has been genuinely making his name known in the music industry and continues to generate high-quality music for the world and his fans. With large numbers of listeners ranging in the high 1,000's and great streaming numbers on digital music platforms, Lil Tyme is undoubtedly on the rise to becoming the next major rap artist from New York.

"Time Is Money 2" features great tracks with hard-hitting hip hop beats that will rattle your speakers. Lil Tyme music is undeniably one of a kind, with a catchy delivery and sound that grabs the audience's attention and creates euphoria. Lil Tyme raps from experience but keeps things authentic with his melodic vocals and sound.

"Time Is Money 2" EP consists of 4 banging tracks, which are all hits with solid beats and content. Lil Tyme hits every subject and makes sure he reaches all audiences with melodic hits like "Ting" and "Holy Water." This EP showcases Lil Tyme's versatility and drive, which he utilizes to create powerful music for the massive. "Time Is Money 2" is now available in all digital music stores and streaming platforms.

Preview Lil Tyme New EP "Time Is Money 2" Below:

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