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Upcoming Artist Red B Phantom is Creating a Lyrical and Rhythmic Hip Hop Groove with His Soundscape

Upcoming artist Red B Phantom is creating a mesmerizing hip hop saga with the songs from his new album, Red Eyes Black Phantom. The songs ‘FOML’ and ‘THE FAMILY’ have emerged as two representatives of contemporary hip hop saga and also taken the artistic virtues and ability of the artist to another degree of appreciation. He is a natural storyteller having tailored thematic modules with a lyrical fervor and has beautifully transcribed them into a flowing stream of musical and rhythmic confluence. His themes resonate rea-life stories and struggles and his soundscape stands as a heartfelt tribute to the memories of his late mother. The creative and emotional bond in his music is so profound that is gets conveyed to his audience through an unadulterated musical progression.

Artist Red B Phantom hails from Montevallo, Alabama, and is currently associated with the label PHANTOM$ PRO EMPIRE. Artists who have influenced him to find his own musical identity includes 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin, and Type Beat among others. The songs NO LOVE LOST’ and ‘To My Face’ from the same album has further expanded his scope as a musician, producer, and sound engineer. His growth with songs like ‘Never Had Shit’, ‘Time’, ‘Welcome to PPE’, and ‘Watch Out’ has been instrumental in finding his own sound and style. A musical journey that is relatable to his audience, he is able to transform his insights and depth into structured musical modules. For more updates on his latest works and releases, follow him on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and FFM.

For more tracks of Red B Phantom, Please go through the below link:

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