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Upcoming Brooklyn Artist Day$tar Unleashes A New Wave of Music

Upcoming Brooklyn hip-hop artist Day$tar has one of the most unique musical sounds supported by melodic lyrics with an edgy gothic vibe that pulls the listener into his music and world. This artist is not your ordinary everyday artist because he goes beyond your standard radio playlist by infusing different sounds and genres into his songs. Day$tar is raising the bar with his creative new sound and preparing to take the music industry by storm.

2020 is no question one of the most tumultuous years in hip-hop music with many extraordinary album and single releases. Day$tar is one of the artists to drop a new fire tape during the pandemic. The Brooklyn artist released a 14 track album with eight features entitled ‘Cyberchase.’ The album is well thought out and puts together a scope of the life of Day$tar. With songs like ‘Planet Anxiety,’ ‘Go Go,’ and ‘Long Live Pop Smoke’ puts forward the artist’s arc of his creativity and versatility. His other song ‘How I Roll’ is also an innovative goal in the scope of contemporary hip hop as it takes the audience to reach the highest point of musical enjoyment.

Day$tar is currently an independent artist under his new brand Wuwu Gorillas and has joined alliances with DPG and GVO 17 Label out of Dallas, Texas. He has since released multiple tapes with Meech LA’FLARE, Marlo London & more. His songs ‘Duck Down,’ ‘Put a Bag on You’, and ‘Money and Drugs’ have been integral in the growth of his career as an artist. Ever since the release of these three bangers, there has been no looking back since. Be a part of this new sound in Hip-Hop by following Day$tar on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram.

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