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Upcoming Producer Kess Nubian Releases New Beat “Dreamz”

Over the years, producers have become the forefront of the music scene allowing the artist to have the option to express themselves musically. With over 35 plus subgenre in music alone, music producers have to work extra hard to get noticed. Now we are in an era of new young talented producers that is out in the music industry, making a name for themselves in 2020. A rising producer by the name of Kess Nubian, born in Flatbush Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey City, is making noise with his new release “DREAMZ.”

Stream Dreamz by Kess Nubian

Kess Nubian is nothing like your average producer; he started making music in 2017 after losing his job, which inspired him to start creating music. The New Jersey producer took that energy and made it out of something positive. Fast forward to 2020, Kess releases a new beat titled “Dreamz,” which was inspired by one of his favorite hip-hop artist Meek Mill. The production starts with beautiful melodic keys, followed by heavy 808 bass, rolling hi-hats, and echoing bells to keep the fans tuned in with the beat. Kess gifted his listeners with a hit full of energy and emotions. Stream Kess Nubian latest release here.




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