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Upcoming R & B Artist KhellsiMusic is One of Kind

As a young upcoming, one-of-one artist, KhellsiMusic represents love, fun, confusion, and heartbreak. She not only stands out by her creativity, but she is also very much so authentic in everything she brings to the table. Expect to ride a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences through just a listen.

Khellsi Washington was born in Arlington, Texas on April 9, 1998. She is 1 of 6 children (a mixed family of ALL girls). She was primarily raised by her single mother but, on her dad’s side Khellsi followed in the lead of a family of musicians. Her grandad played a variety of instruments and her father was even in a rap group ‘BCStyle’ when she was small. Khellsi has always had a passion for music from a young tender age. She started to grow a love for music after her dad bought her a drum set one year for Christmas. Later on, she got into the software to create beats and the progress grew from there. What some didn’t know was Khellsi was in a developing singing group herself as a young teen with her two twins younger sisters. Going by the names of Cherry Pie Angels, G.I.Cs, and Digital Angelz. She later decided to venture off herself and find who she really wanted to be with this music thing.

She turned her Instagram into what is now @KhellsiMusic in late 2016 to show off her many talents. At first, it was just for beats but a year later after a heartbreak, she picked up the mic and started to tap into her artistic side and has been growing ever since. She doesn’t discriminate when it comes to different genres of music which is why she believes her music can stand out. Being open and releasing her first song on SoundCloud in the summer of 2018, Khellsi is ready to tackle and take the industry by storm with her many talents. So hold on to your swim trunks and take a ride on the Karadise wave!

It’s the life of a creator and visualizer who discovers there’s more to life that she can contribute to. With passion, drive, and a heart for music KhellsiMusic is dedicated to pursuing her dreams.

Learn more and check out her latest singles by visiting her official website

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