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Vaindi Adds New Single ‘Love Chase’ To the Discography Of The Music Landscape

In Collaboration with Overtuned, Vaindi Pushes The Buttons On The Production For This One

BRISTOL, AVON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 25, 2022 - At the age of only twenty one, Vaindi is a testament to the promise the younger generation has to offer. With the vigor, passion and drive embodied by her at this age, she will not only adapt to the music industry constantly in flux but also bring her vision to fruition by walking the perfect line to success.

With ‘Love chase’ as the headliner for the coming year, Vaindi is set to disperse into several audiences with her Contemporary RnB, Pop and Trap influences in the single. In the first few seconds the single rockets immediately into the glitch and retro world constructed via the beats on the bed of the song’s production. It almost builds an aura of haunting, until her infectious vocal delivery with the unravelling production couple together, pumping up the beats to the heart of the song – the chorus.

The melodrama in the dark spirited retro aura created is only furthered when the ever darkening lyrics from the song sphere into the song. ‘Love chase’ chases right to the adrenaline, chaos and intensity in the most profound of relationships.

Available on YouTube, the artist’s music appeals to a wider range of audiences than most. The replay worthy song brings a new wave of interest for those listening to experience a teleportation of sorts. It only adds to the case for thousands of listeners to hit replay when the cinematic vividness of this music videos complements with it’s ground shattering lyricism.

Visit Vaindi’s channel to check out, download, and buy her music. Follow the artist on social media to keep track of new releases, and feel free to contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


Only at twenty one years of age the Romanian singer has coined association with not just singing and songwriting but also the likes of producing music. The self-made singer songwriter and producer started singing at the very young age of nine, with producing music coming in at the age of just sixteen.

Vaindi is willing to learn and grow with the exposure and experience needed to move forward. In accordance with this, she is pursuing a Master Of Arts degree. Unbelievable indeed, but Vaindi is one of the very few who have managed the pressure of pursuing a degree whilst also releasing music under the independent record label – 2211MGMT.

Not that it requires mention but to juggle academic and professional life both consumes and takes a lot from an individual, especially one this young.

It is apparent to the world the ladder to success is a tall one, but there are only some who keep climbing.

Vaindi proves to be one of them time and time again.


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