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Vancouver Rapper BLAK ACE Releases New Single "Blak Majik"

Vancouver-based rapper BLAK ACE has created a whirlwind of swagger and confidence in his new single "Blak Majik". Written by himself BLAK ACE and the beat was produced alongside by DJ KEMO, the song was recorded at Vanguard Music Studios.

Most notably, the track features a fusion of jazzy horns and a steady hip-hop backbeat that compliments BLAK ACE's resolute rap delivery. Lyrically, the song discusses the personal obstacles that BLAK ACE has overcome in order to get to where he is now, before discussing broader issues that affect people's drive.

"Everyday expedition paid my tuition

I didn't pass math, but my art was pimpin'

Self-expression they say that we lack

I make them take those words back

When I spit these raps”

Another thing that the lyrics convey is passion, evoking the braggadocio and positivity found in songs like Nas' "I Can" and "The World Is Yours". The song takes the passion of hip-hop and uses it as a vehicle to inspire others to pursue their own dreams.

By moving from BLAK ACE's personal experiences to wider ones, the song aims to connect with a universal audience. The vibe and energy of this record ebbs and flows, magnetically drawing in the audience for more.

Of the song's production, BLAK ACE states, "DJ KEMO is a top tier producer, his engineering and musical knowledge of beat mixing makes the music sound flawless. The sound quality from DJ KEMO’s production makes me sound commercial and radio ready. I’m excited to make more music and look forward to the reception of BLAK MAJIK worldwide."

BLAK ACE got his start with his debut video "My Passion", which features him showcasing his music to his Vancouver hometown. He then went on to open for well-known hip-hop artists such as E-40, Jadakiss and Fabolous. In 2017, BLAK ACE would embark on his own concert tour "Angelz and Demonz" and perform throughout the British Columbia and Alberta before ending the tour in his hometown.

In addition to pursuing music, he would also develop his own clothing line called BLAK G3AR. BLAK G3AR received immense support from fans and musicians through his lucrative “Body Positive” merchandise campaign and rap artist driven competition “The Transducer.” BLAK ACE most recent music work is the 2019 EP "BLAK SOULZ".

Stream "Blak Majik" by BLAK ACE

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