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Who is the Next Generation of Hip Hop Artists

A global pandemic hasn’t stopped the next group of hip hop artists from staking their claim in the music industry.

Rap TV explains that most hip hop stars get their start when they are still young. So who will the next generation of hip hop artists be? In the last few decades, we have seen some exceptional talent come into the hip hop world. That includes the likes of chart-toppers like Kanye West, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. And while these three hip hop superstars are still dominating the music scene, there is the next up and coming group ready to make their mark on the music industry. Because as much as we don’t want to face it, these three legends won’t be around forever.

2020 is already proving to be a breakthrough year for many talented hip hop artists. They are going to keep the hip hop world strong and are poised to continue this hip hop wave of artists into the next decade (and out of this darn pandemic!). Here are the hip hop artists that are going to be the next generations of legends in the music industry.

1. Lil Uzi Vert

He hasn’t been an overnight sensation, but his hard work is finally paying off. After five years of consistently making mixtapes that are tailored specifically to the loyal fans, Lil Uzi Vert is finally seeing the breakthrough he deserves. He is making the Billboard charts, growing his fan base and his latest songs are getting nearly a quarter of a million sales in the first week of the release. If that doesn’t scream potential, we don’t know what does! He is taking the lead on guiding the new up and comers through this next decade. His recent Grammy nominations are really just the beginning.

2. Lil Baby

Hailing from Atlanta, this hip hop prodigy is quickly being launched into the spotlight this year. His debut album nagged him a spot in the top 200 and his sales skyrocketed compared to most. He is already doing collaborations with the likes of Drake and is destined for more fame as the year progresses. He is giving the current legends quite a run for his money and his fan base is expanding daily.


This up and comer is quickly expanding quickly from his hometown of Louisville. The young rapper is determined to showcase the hardships that people face. He has a real talent for creating memorable melodies and is getting people hooked on his powerful lyrics. He is just getting started and his ambition is brighter than the awards he is bound to start getting.

4. Kenny Manson

This up and comer recently became a millionaire from the success of his latest hit single HIT. He is smooth yet sluggish, poppy yet punky, and has all the qualities of a true star. He is able to masterfully craft a rap while also crafting some beautiful beats to accompany it. This up and comer is forcing everyone else to elevate their game to try and keep up. The world better watch out!

5. Dee Watkins

Continuing the line of hip hop artists that are emerging from Florida, Dee Watkins is making the rise to stardom look easy! His melodies are dope, his rapping is next level and his songs are addictive to listen to. The kid is having fun on his rise to fame and everyone is taking notice. That is probably why his energy is so infectious! Plus, his songwriting talents are also starting to flourish, making this guy the ultimate hip hop threat!

6. Pop Smoke

Literally becoming the anthem to all house parties, Pop Smoke’s hit single “Welcome to the Party” is basically being heard everywhere! At only twenty years old, his vocal skills are setting him apart, and predicting that he won’t just be a one-hit-wonder, but rather will be around for a very long time! Just at the end of last year Travis Scott and he did an epic collaboration. Who else is next in line to collaborate with this up and comer? What we do know though is that his raps are exciting, his music is enticing, and he this guy certainly has so much potential left to share!

7. Mulatto

Ohio is not known to produce incredible hip hop artists but Mulatto seems to be their exception. She pounced onto the scene by winning The Rap Game competition aired on Lifetime. And the rest was pretty much history. From there Mulatto took the hip hop world by storm, coming out with viral music videos that showcase her talent and sex appeal. 2020 is going to be the year that we are going to crown our new hip hop kings and queens. They are already gaining traction and the current legends better watch out because these youngsters are bringing their A-game!

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