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Wino Willy Drops New Single ft. Street Smartz (F.T.) & Him Lo "Har"

Producer Wino Willy is gearing up to release a game-changing single "Harassment" on October 13th. This track not only showcases his forward-thinking Boom Bap style but also solidifies his position among the elite of Underground Hip Hop producers. What makes "Harassment" even more remarkable is the exceptional lyrical talents of MCs Street Smartz (F.T) and Him Lo from Da Buze Bruvaz, whose effortless rhyming harks back to the golden era of classic mixtapes. Co-produced by Hxxs Almxhdi & Agent X, this single promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the ever-evolving Hip Hop landscape. Wino Willy's musical journey doesn't stop here, he's already proven his prowess by producing full albums like "GodDon'tF%kWitU" alongside Him Lo. His recent projects include "Gris Gris" with Daniel Son and a collaboration with Pro Dillinger. "Harassment" continues to uphold his legacy of pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop production. Wino Willy's dedication to his craft remains unwavering, and his contributions to the genre continue to shine.

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