Yung Dashiki Most Popular Album 'XII BROKEN PROMISES'

This release is a continuous story speaking on subjects such as youth, love, pain, the ills of substance abuse. XII BROKEN PROMISES is a story following a teenage boy as he navigates love, lust, and betrayal with the burden of insecurity And ignorance, with these elements it doesn’t take a chemist to realize that this is a recipe for disaster.

This album is targeted to the youth, the ones with corrupted innocence and the brokenhearted. Our world especially at this time has seen much turbulence and chaos in the media, in regular life even in the fabric of our society due to current events. This album is meant to encourage reflection on a micro-level by looking at life through the eyes of the young and vulnerable so the bigger picture is revealed. This Album is like no other in Canadian Hip-hop and it sonically parallels the music that is most popular in The far North so XII BROKEN PROMISES is the perfect album for someone looking for a new sound. This Album can be found on all streaming platforms ( Spotify, Apple music etc ). and it was released on October 2nd, 2020.