Young Foolie Releases New EP ‘Williams Ward’

There has never been a moment of Young Foolie’s life that hasn’t revolved around music. With a love of the arts and everything hip hop, Young Foolie got to work to put out the follow up to her 2019 debut LP, ‘Yeeehhh.’ She is back and sounding better than ever on 2020’s ‘Williams Ward.’ 

‘Williams Ward’ is Young Foolie’s 2020 EP that features four dynamic tracks, each as invigorating as the last. The record opens with “FooCry,” a song that doesn’t quit once it gets started. A great flow partnered with the ease of Young Foolie’s rhymes makes this one of the many radio-ready tracks this North Carolina-based rapper has up her sleeve. Another great aspect of this record is that there is a bit of R&B flare sewn in with the likes of “Foolie Vs. Shy.” Her execution throughout ‘Williams Ward’ makes this a top-notch hip hop record for fans near and far.