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South Bronx Rapper Dot Demo Drops New Project '93HUNNIT'

New York rapper Dot Demo, a South Bronx artist who fuses the essence of 90’s boom-bap with his effortless lyrical flow

Born and raised in the birthplace of hip-hop, Dot gained recognition from his earlier project “OBE” (Outer Body Experience), which earned him the respect and support of artists such as South Bronx hip-hop legend, Lord Finesse of DITC, Young Guru, Royce da 5’9 and more.

Sway’s Universe has said “Dot Demo’s 93HUNNIT album will change your current opinion of New York Hip-Hop.”

Starting the year off right, Dot has released 93HUNNIT, a 16-track album that artfully combines street politics and enlightened perspectives with the unique storytelling that Dot Demo is known for. 93 HUNNIT was released under a partnership between Viper Records and Dot’s own Ultra Nostra Records and is already gaining wide recognition.

As far as how Dot describes it, “93HUNNIT is pretty much an ode to Bronx street culture, intertwining my personal experiences with the overall feel of my area, from my perspective.”

Unwaveringly determined and undeniably talented, Dot Demo continues to add to his legacy and is set to become one of the greats of New York hip-hop.

Stream 93HUNNIT by Dot Demo


Born and raised in the South Bronx, Dot Demo was inspired to write music and develop his entrepreneurial talents. As the birthplace of Hip Hop – the Bronx, New York has produced some of the greatest artists of all time, and Dot’s destiny is to be among the legends. The multi-talented lyricist is celebrating the release of his album 93HUNNIT via Viper Records, in partnership with his own Ultra Nostra Records. The elevation of his incredible talent is evident in the project, which is available now on all digital platforms. Lauded by veterans in Hip-Hop, such as Lord Finesse of DITC, and the recipient of recent praise from the likes of Young Guru and Royce da 5’9, Dot Demo has been developing a lane that sets him apart from the pack of Millennial artists on the airwaves. Dot’s catalogue combines a diverse range of sonic and ideological influences, such as the history of neighborhood legends like Big Pun, who grew up in Soundview Houses; the skillful jazz sampling of Detroit beatmaker J Dilla; and the eccentric soul of Erykah Badu, all fused with a unique, versatile flow. Dot Demo’s lyrics weave together street politics, dark theories and enlightened perspectives, and 93HUNNIT will add to the formidable legacy he is creating.


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