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Zammy Drops Fresh New Single ‘Bussin’ Flights’

Hailing from Maryland, Los Angeles based rapper Zammy releases a fresh new single ‘Bussin’ Flights’ produced by Connie. A debut release via indie label Forever The Family.

Exemplifying his skills as a rapper, singer and wordsmith, the single see’s Zammy

reminiscing about relationships and wanting to fly to where they are to spend moments together.

‘Bussin Flights’ is a smooth and silky tune is one that everyone can relate to during these COVID times.

“This song touches on a specific feeling I'm sure we've felt at some point where you're somewhere on vacation, business trip, etc. Feeling lonely cause you don't have your boothang with you & amp; you wish you could just fly them out so you both can enjoy some time together in a remote location,”

“As a rapper from Maryland I want to represent where I am from by showing the world

what I have to offer and this song showcases this,”

As an artist, Zammy is incomparable, his music is packed with emotions and statements.

The artist prides himself on developing his craft despite having a hearing disability. The

rapper used his setback as an asset.

His ability to enthral his listeners through his use of sound produces a connectedness that

remains far after the project has ended, which has ultimately set him a part from the

independent artists in his genre.

Zammy’s style of music blends between pop-rap, contemporary E&B and trap-rap.

Links: Instagram @ZammyZamuel, YouTube , Spotify

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Im on dat Azz 247
Im on dat Azz 247
Sep 04, 2021

he is different

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