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1100 Himself Drops the Official Visual for "Note To Self"

In his latest visual extravaganza, "Note To Self," 1100 Himself delivers a powerful narrative set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and visceral lyrics. The video opens with a candid confession from 1100 Himself, who insists that his rise in the hip-hop realm is fueled by sheer mindset rather than intimidation. This bold declaration sets the tone for a video that is as much about introspection as it is about external validation. Throughout, 1100 Himself weaves through themes of self-awareness and determination, using evocative metaphors and vivid imagery that capture the essence of his struggle and ultimate perseverance.

As the beats roll on, 1100 Himself delves deeper into his personal saga, revealing dialogues with his therapist and reflecting on his childhood and growth into manhood. He touches on moments of vulnerability and self-doubt with lines like, "I bum my head a few times trying to find my brain," showing a relatable side that resonates with anyone striving to find their path. The rapper's journey through the video is a testament to self-evolution, marked by a poignant moment where he discusses outgrowing past influences and stepping into his own, underscored by a request for a 'diet Dr. Kelp' – a symbolic nod to his new life choices.

"Note To Self" isn't just a music video; it's a bold declaration of independence and self-reliance. With a fierce undercurrent of resilience, 1100 Himself addresses his audience with both a challenge and an invitation: to stand for something meaningful. The closing scenes leave viewers with a mix of inspiration and introspection, mirroring the artist's own revelations. It's a compelling visual piece that not only showcases 1100 Himself's lyrical prowess but also cements his place as a thoughtful storyteller in the hip-hop landscape.

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