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Get familiar with "Quiet Assassin"

Quiet Assassin is from Virginia. Inspired by R&B and the likes of The Whispers, Ron Isley, Stevie Wonder the list goes on forever in every genre. Shortly after hip hop became dominant nationwide (of course to come international) and Quiet Assassin found his calling hearing Onxy, Wu Tang, don't laugh Another Bad Creation quickly learning about pioneers such as Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow and Run DMC. At a young age Quiet Assassin naturally demanded the attention of others without trying, with his original style. In his early teens Quiet Assassin developed his art as an MC writing and recording songs on cassette tapes. Today Quiet Assassin has been recording professionally, writing and shooting videos to gain exposure worldwide. Performing live for different crowds in different cities. With his own sound, delivery and wordplay he is an authentic artist that creates music from the mind , body and soul!

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