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M.C & Vega HeartBreak’s Presents “Him & Him" Official Video

When M.C originally broke onto the music scene he had a sound like none other. One of his key ingredients was a then sixteen year old producer by the name of Vega HeartBreak. Several years later not much has changed, as they continue to work seamlessly together. Their chemistry is organic and could be compared to some of the greats in the industry like Snoop Dog & Dr. Dre, Timberland & Missy, LA Reid & BabyFace and many others.

With the new hit single “Him & Him”, these two have proven their musical talents and their brotherly bond is nothing new. “Him & Him” is not only produced by Vega HeartBreak, but he also adds his savvy flow to the equation as well. For years these two have consistently put out hit records, separately and as a team. The creation of their new single is affirmation of their hard work and dedication to their craft. Check out the official music video of M.C & Vega HeartBreak’s new single “Him & Him.”

Stream "Him & Him" Official Video

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