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"Aina Brei'Yon" Is Taking The Industry By Storm

Aina Brei'yon is a self taught entertainment powerhouse in the indie circuit. This Chicago native, has mastered the art of song writing, producing, performing and acting; and she has done so while remaining true to the essence that is her.

Earlier this year, Aina released her eight album and first self titled album with great success. With eight successful albums under her belt, Aina is set to release her most personal album to date, "Black Lion" in August of 2018. The message in "Black Lion" is so powerful that it is set to secure her table at the hip hop table.

With over 188K organic social media supporters, Aina remains relevant in the music world by sharing her addictive energy and vibrant personality with any and every one who will listen. Aina makes music for everyone and her fan base crosses multigenerational lines.

Check out Aina Brei'yon latest visual entitled "You Rob Me"

Social Media & Music Links

Instagram: @ainabreiyon

Facebook: @ainabreiyon

T​witter: @ainabreiyon

Soundcloud: Aina Brei'yon

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