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Latest Single from Canada Native "Changer Music"

Hip Hop Love is the latest single from Hamilton, Canada native, Changer Music. A devotional homage to the glorious culture of hip hop and the positive influence in his personal evolution, Hip Hop Love is a boombapstic anthem, it’s catchy, it’s vibrant, capturing an essence of nostalgia and modernity in sound. The bars are fun, serious and tight. The sound is head-nodding, rhythmic and funky, a strong contrast to the numbing beats of trap and mumble rap music. The production is impressive with Changer rapping, producing and engineering the track from start to finish, accomplishing a simple structure unified by his creative ingenuity and love for the music.

Stream Change Music New Single "Hip-Hop Love"

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IG: @ChangerMusic | @SpitSickBeats | @BigBobPattison

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